Telling it Together:

Collaboration between designers and craft communities

Storytelling is one form of intangible heritage that has been preserved and conserved in multiple ways. Film and animation are newer forms of storytelling that share some features with the oral traditions and serve to preserve the object with the voices of the people concerned.

The Bhil community has a rich resource of oral narratives that remains unknown to larger audiences.There is therefore potential for collaboration to create multiple media artefacts to conserve this intangible heritage, develop new audiences and economic opportunities for a community that is one of the largest and oldest tribal communities.

This project is concerned with themes of craft development, education and technology. The objective is to engage and collaborate with the Bhil community of Madhya Pradesh that has its own unique form of painting and narratives that can be transformed into animated films and illustrated books.

Designers and craft communities come together to create media artefacts that enhance the reach through digital media like a dedicated website, and offer new opportunities for craft development and craft awareness. Animated films and illustrated books created together can be distributed through electronic and print media. The project will create opportunities for the crafts persons to enhance income generation and develop their craft for larger audiences.

Prof. Nina Sabnani

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