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Sharing ???

Design for all - social, cultural and contextual
Designing an interative system/device for sharing personal media


" Sharing knowledge increases it
                 Storing knowledge depletes it"

                                                                  - the upanishads


Kinds of sharing
Personal, Official, Social, People groups

What do we share ?
Closeness, Secrets, Language, Culture, Space, Ideas, Food, Personal things like dress, pens, paper, etc, Thoughts, Gifts, Gossip, News, Office discussion, Chocolates, Wavelengths, Vision, Internet, greting cards, knowledge, jokes, memory,sorrow,books,fear, anger, resources., photos, experiences

When do we share ?
Festivals, Parties, Birthdays, Family get-together, Office working hours, Gardens, etc.

Why do we share ?
Peer pressure, formality, liking, obligation, politeness, protocol, friendship, exchange, transfer, collaborate, cultural, financial aspects, emotional, learning, satisfaction, ego

Where do we share ?
Clubs, Pubs, Home, School, Offices, Virtual space, anywhere.



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