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Late December, early January is a busy time for vacation, travel, or family reunions, and we really appreciate you taking the time off to attend the IDC Golden Jubilee event. Throughout 2019 we had a series of seminars, exhibitions and other events to celebrate IDC's 50 years. Capping the celebrations is the Golden Jubilee Design Conference and Alumni Meet on January 6, 7 and 8, 2020 (see the schedule).

This is conceived as an exclusive alumni event. The talks, presentations, discussions, exhibitions, etc., are by and for our alumni, and a celebration of alumni achievement over the last 50 years. Registration for IDC alumni is free. However we request all alumni participants (including those who have been invited to give a keynote address, a talk, make a presentation, or participate in a panel discussion) to register. This is important to prepare the attendee list to be included in the programme, and to plan the logistics related to catering & other goodies.

IDC has been a great family, and these are the rare events where one part of the family gets to meet the other. We encourage you to bring along your spouse and children. Do write everyone’s names down on the registration form so that we can print the badges.

We have managed to get a small number of Guest House rooms for invited speakers and alumni involved in the organisation of the event. Alumni can also book a guest house room through the alumni association There may not be enough rooms in the Guest House for all of us, but more options are available near the campus these days. For help, please contact Divya at

As IDC gears itself to the next 50, the occasion and the timing to give back and pay forward seems even more special. Please take a few moments to review and to generously contribute to IDC Alumni Golden Jubilee Legacy Projects fund to help IDC continue to spread Design in India and beyond.

In case you need any assistance with registration, please contact Divya on