Alumni awards

Event Incharge-Uday Athvankar, Shalaka Dighe, Sameer Bhagwat


Golden Jubilee is a great opportunity to start an Annual “Recognition Awards” Event for those who completed IDC programme in the last 5 decades. The idea is to recognize 50 years of work of IDC Alumni and their contribution to the field of design. The idea is also to keep recognizing this in future, on an annual basis.

Nominations are invited for IDC Alumni award for year 2020. The first awards ceremony will be held during the IDC Golden Jubilee event. Thereafter, these will be presented each year, once every year.

Award Criterion/Eligibility

  1. These are awards by IDC and IDCians to IDCians.
  2. The award is open to all students who have completed a degree, diploma or PhD offered by IDC during the last four decades or have at least spent two years studying in IDC as a student.
  3. Time coverage: 1970 - 2010.
  4. Please note, current and past IDC faculty is not eligible for the awards to avoid conflict of interest.

Award Criterion/Eligibility

Following categories are currently shortlisted:

  1. Entrepreneur-An IDCian who has in their career been self-employed, established a design firm, or been a part of creating a design company ‘for a considerable amount of time’ is considered an entrepreneur. Those who as entrepreneurs have stood their own grounds.
  2. Corporate-An IDCian who has worked with corporates or large design firms,
    • in the capacity of an employee for a considerable amount of time.
    • has contributed both in personal capacity or as a team member as a designer in the organisation.
    • Worked within the organisation to create design ethos, built design departments, been an evangelist / advocate to create impact within the organisation and/or also through their own design works.
  3. Consulting-An IDCian who has spent a considerable amount of time in,
    • consulting with individuals, corporates, design firms, government organisations and departments, social organisations.
    • to create design awareness, acted as designer, mentored design departments.
  4. Social responsibility-An IDCian who has,
    • worked for social impact and change
    • worked on not-for-profit projects at local / national or international level
    • been part of socially affirmative organisation as part of the design team
  5. Design Education-An IDCian who has,
    • made design known through seminars, teaching and writing
    • been involved in setting up / leading design institutes
    • any other way of imparting and disseminating design knowledge within student or non-design community.
    • this award is for IDC alumni who have contributed to design education outside of IDC. As noted above, current and past IDC faculty members are not eligible for these awards.
  6. Design community-An IDCian who has,
    • worked with / or started design communities, governmental committees
    • In the area of policy formulation
    • been part of design communities and organisations in administrative or consulting capacity
    • this award is for IDC alumni who have contributed to design education outside of IDC. As noted above, current and past IDC faculty members are not eligible for these awards.

Special awards

  1. Unusual and impactful - special award
  2. Those who succeeded in field other than design
  3. Those who went on from design to do something unrelated but impactful
  4. Product company
  5. Research based startups

How to nominate-The call and nomination submission form will be shared with IDC alumni and only they are eligible to nominate.

The nomination as well as the jury will consider following aspects-

  1. Contribution to design with National impact
  2. Contribution to design with International impact
  3. Contributions in practice as a staff designer in companies
  4. Contributions in practice as an independent design office
  5. Contribution as designer and entrepreneur
  6. Contribution in teaching of design
  7. Contribution in creating design community and design awareness and advocacy in private and public ecosystem and society at large

Necessaries for nomination-The nomination should include an explanation of the nominee’s contributions, one landmark contribution, links to their contribution and their contact information. Please include existing recognitions already received. Any other that he/she feels should be considered. Given below are two separate google form links for the two kinds of nominations.

  1. Participatory process of peer selection - Peer nomination
    • He/she should be the person most in contact with other alumni and will contact others in the respective time duration and make shortlisted recommendations.
    • He/she will discuss with others who fall into his time duration and can also coopt another alumnus to work with him.
    • He/she will also provide additional information regarding the nomination if requested by the award committee.

    Click here for peer nomination.

  2. Alumnus can nominate himself - Self nomination

    Click here for self nomination.

Last date of submission for peer nomination is 1 December 2019.

Last date of submission for self nomination is 15 December 2019.

Final selection process

Nomination lists with collected data will be presented to the jury for shortlisting, followed by review and selection of awardees.

Jury selection-Jury will have seven members.

  1. Three members from IDC faculty across disciplines and age groups.
  2. The next three members will come from IDCians across disciplines and age groups.
  3. The chairman will be preferably not an IDCian from the Design fraternity, a well respected figure.

Please note-

Award Selection-Shortlisting nominations (First round)

  1. Awards committee will send all nomination details in advance to all Jury members.
  2. Jury will rank the nominations as per their personal judgment.
  3. Awards committee will constitute the jury and distribute nominations. Then use their ranking to shortlist the nominations for the jury meet.
  4. Jury will meet in IDC campus to discuss the shortlisted nominations and decide/ vote for final awards.(Jury Meeting 1)
  5. Each juror is expected to present his/her short reasoning for their rankings of nominations for the benefit of other jury.

Award Selection-Final awards list (Second round)

  1. After the shortlisting meeting a final nominations list will get generated. Award committee will be circulated to the jury.
  2. Jury will independently rank the nominees and submit these rankings to the committee separately on email or sealed letter.
  3. A second meeting of juries will be convened at IDC, to discuss the final awardees list. (Jury meeting 2)
  4. Chairman will sign off final awards list.
  5. Awardees will be communicated regarding their selection and are respectfully excepted to be present during the awards function, time and venue for the same will be conveyed separately.

Dates to remember-

Last date for submission of peer nominations 1 December 2019
Last date for submission of self nominations 15 December 2019
Short listing by Jury 20 December 2019
Final Jury and decision on the awardees ~25 December 2019