Ek Mukta


Ek Mukta is an Open source, free to use, Unicode compliant, versatile, contemporary, humanist, mono-linear font family, supporting Devanagari and Latin scripts. The goal was to build one harmonious family across scripts without letting the visual features of one script dominate over others. This ensures that the fonts can be used for both single and multi-script purposes. Ek Mukta was designed by Girish Dalvi and Yashodeep Gholap, with extensive support from Noopur Datye, Sarang Kulkarni and Maithili Shingre. This font has been optimized to work well in print and has been hinted for the screen use as well. There are seven weights available at the moment, and is the largest Devnagari font family with the largest glyph-set in the open source domain.

The fonts and their source files are free to be used and studied and are available at

They are also available through the Google fonts api at

Prof. Girish Dalvi

Email : girish.dalvi@iitb.ac.in