Devanagari Search Tool

The Devanagari font search tool is an interactive visual-feature based font
search system for Devanagari typefaces.

The tool provides an intuitive and user-friendly method to search and browse through a large number of fonts and is primarily meant as an educational and search aid, for students and type designers. We have equipped the tool with filtering capabilities (facets), which can be used for quickly identifying unknown typefaces. It also allows exploratory tasks, which can be useful, as it makes browsing through similar typefaces (typefaces with vsimilar visual properties) simpler. The database for the fonts is curated by faculty and staff from IDC IIT Bombay and contains fonts and notes collected over the years, please feel free to contact us if you wish to contribute to the project.

This project is part of the ‘Creating Digital-learning Environment for Design’ also called ‘e-kalpa’ which is sponsored by the Ministry of Human Resources, Government of India as part of the National Mission in Education through Information and Communication Technology. The entire project was designed and developed at the Industrial Design Centre (IDC), in the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay.

Prof. Girish Dalvi

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