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Seminar on
‘Visual Narratives - stories through images’

21st March 2009 at IDC, IIT Bombay


‘Visual Narratives’ will be held on Saturday, March 21st at the Industrial Design Centre at IIT Bombay. The event will include a seminar which will be devoted to addressing issues concerned with visual narratives.
The event has been envisaged to provide an opportunity to interact with researchers working in the field of visual narratives.


. methods for analysis of images
. time and space in visual narratives
. modes of visual representations in narratives
. meaning and context of the visual narrative
. methods for interpretation of the visual narrative


‘Visual Narratives’ IDC Auditorium
2nd Floor
IDC, IIT Bombay
Mumbai 400076
091-22-2576 7801


Registration 9 -930
Morning session: 9.30 to 1.00
Lunch 1.00 tp 1.30
Afternoon session: 1.30 to 5.30

Seminar Sessions:

Speakers: Session - 1

1) Prof. J. Handoo, Mysore

2) Dr. Monisha Ahmed, Mumbai

3) Prof M Malshe, Mumbai

4) Prof Gulammohammed Sheikh, Baroda

Session 2 – Research Students

7) Sherline Pimenta (IDC)

8) Nina Sabnani (IDC)

9) Prasad Bokil (IDC)

10) Sachin Dutt (IDC)

Session 3 – Performance and Visual Narratives

11) Kojaram Rav, Jodhpur

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'Visual Narratives - stories through images'