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'Research : The Seed of Innovation'

6th of April 2018 at VMCC board room 4th floor from 9.30 am- 5 pm
at IIT Bombay

Announcing 'Research:The Seed of Innovation' an open seminar which will be held at IDC School of Design, IIT Bombay on 6th April 2018.

As a flagship one-day starter to the series on 'Innovation by Design', this seminar will emphasize how new knowledge generated through years of research contributes to innovation. Accordingly, this interactive seminar will showcase the research components of innovation in the areas of creativity, aesthetics and visual representation.

Friday | April 6, 2018
Venue: Board Room, 4th Floor, VMCC, Opp. IDC, IITB.
9.30am-9.45am Inauguration by Prof. P V Balaji, Dean (R&D), IRCC, IITB
9.45am-10.15am Introduction by Prof. B K Chakravarthy

Session 1: Aesthetics and Form
10.15am-11.00am Dr. Susmita Sharma: Visual Response to the form of a Designed Object: An Exploration with Eye movement

Session 2: Creativity
11.15 am-12.00 pm Dr. Gayatridevi G. Menon: A Conceptual Framework for Opportunity Identification in Product Design Innovation
12.00pm-12.45 pm Ms. Sharmila Sinha: The Role of Random Analogy in Creative Idea Generation for New Product: A Phenomenological Perspective

Session 3: Visual Representation
2.00pm-2.45pm Prof. Purba Joshi: Investigating Implications of using CAD during idea generation stage for product design
2.45pm-3.30pm Mr. Guruprasad Kuppu Rao: Role of 3D Prototyping in Morphology Visualization for Congenital Heart Defects
3.45pm to 5.00pm Group discussion

· The seminar proved to be a successful opportunity for the researchers who came together to exchange ideas, and build upon each other's research domains.
· It served as a support group for those in advanced stages of their doctoral research.
· The range of papers presented indicated two major areas within innovation that could be further explored in future research. These areas are creativity and visual representation.
· The seminar brought out the centrality of case studies to innovation research. The presentations also shed light on various experimental scenarios that could contribute to research in the discipline.
· Some initial ideas for a paper on research methodology in the area of innovation were put together during the seminar. The seminar also provided an opportunity to the presenters to explore the possibility of collaborating on papers that could combine the insights and approaches of their respective research areas.

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