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3 day workshop on
'Design of Identity, Signage and Retail Systems'

3 Day Workshop:
'Design of Identity, Signage and Retail Systems'

April 9th to 11th 2009 at IDC, IIT Bombay

Identity Design, Signage Design and Retail Design play an important role in communicating, directing, informing and for the proper display of services and products. Developments in new technology and processes in the recent years have thrown open alternatives that make these appliocations increasingly more economically viable as well as aesthetic.

This workshop on identity, signage and retail design intends to throw light on these issues. With examples of the potentials and the actual applications of these technologies and processes, we expect to be able to demonstrate how signages can now be made more durable and their development time (the product-to-market run) shrunk.

The workshop (with its daily lectures, discussions and hands-on training) will have three major components:
(i) sessions outlining the issues of identity, sign communication, symbol design, information structuring, directional navigation and retail design across the decades - to allow the participants a brief grounding of the theoretical aspect of signages.
(ii) followed by sessions dedicated to the practical issues of the manufacture and fabrication of these systems. With players from the industry offering examples, from the ground, of applications of materials and processes made possible by the recent technologies.
(iii) and each day's lectures and discussions on these subjects culminating with the experts and the participants working on an actual design problem.

The workshop will close with these design solutions being presented and discussed for feedback from experts from the industry and faculty members from the Industrial Design Centre (IDC), and the feedback recorded on video for future documentation on the Web.

Design Project - hands-on sessions:
Participants will form groups and work on a specific Communication Design project, with expert guidance from faculty members. On the last day of the workshop, these design solutions will be presented and discussed with faculty members from IDC.

Course Contents /Lectures:
The following are the list of topics and speakers during the workshop:

- Design Methodology
- Logos, Symbols and Signages
- Design of Retail Systems
- Visual Ergonomics
- Materials and Specifications
- Typography for Identity and Signage Systems
- Case studies in Identity, Signage and Retail Design

1st Day:
Communication and Identity

Prof. Ravi Poovaiah

Typography and Identity
Prof. G V Sreekumar

Case Study - Corporate Identity Design Programmes
Prof Ravi Poovaiah

Afternoon Workshop - Design of Corporate Identity

2nd Day:
Design of Graphic Symbols
Prof. Ravi Poovaiah

Human Factors in Signage Systems
Prof. N Sadhu

Corporate Communications and Signages
Sri Sudarshan Dheer

Information Structuring and Wayfinding
Prof. Ravi Poovaiah

Afternoon Workshop - Design of Directional Signage System

3rd Day:
Environmental Design
Dr. Ajanta Sen

Materials and Process
Prof. V P Bapat

Engineering and Aesthetics of Retail Systems
Sri Kishore Babu

Design of Retail Systems

Afternoon Workshop
- Design of Retail Systems

The workshop will include sessions by the faculty of the Industrial Design Centre (IDC) at IIT Bombay:
Prof. Ravi Poovaiah
Prof V P Bapat
Prof. N Sadhu
Prof. Sreekumar
Dr. Ajanta Sen

Apart from this, professionals from the field of Signage Design in India will be conducting sessions with the participants in this workshop.
K Kishore Babu, CEO, Composite Technologies
Sudarshan Dheer, Graphic Designer, Dheer Consultants

Who will benefit?
The workshop is meant for all professionals involved in the design and production of signages. This will include graphic designers, product designers, architects, interior designers, engineers and manufacturers of signages. In short, the workshop should be of particular interest to those from the advertising industry, building industry, print industry, manufacturing industry and firms pursuing industrial design and architecture.

Institutions teaching architecture and design as well as students and artists will also find the workshop as a useful refresher course. Organisations would particularly benefit from the workshop by sending in a team of professionals to learn collectively from real life case studies, new techniques and tips and the theoretical aspects of design principles.

The course fee for the workshop is Rs. 12,000. For participants from Educational Institutions, the fee is Rs. 6,000. This includes course material, lunch and refreshments for three days.

Participants can send a demand draft / cheque payable to "Registrar, IIT Bombay" along with the following details to

ExpoCD Workshop Coordinator,
IDC, IIT, Powai,
Mumbai- 400 076
Phone:022 2576 7801

Please send the following details along with the registration fees:






Do you need accommodation?

Limited accommodation is available at the IIT guest house (Rs 300 per day on twin sharing) on a first come first serve basis.

If you have any queries, please contact:

Prof. Ravi Poovaiah
Design of Signage Systems Workshop Coordinator,

Industrial Design Centre
IIT Bombay
Powai, Mumbai 400 076, India

Phone:  091-22-2576 7800, 091-22-2576 7801
Fax :     091-22-2576 7803, 091-22-2572 3480

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