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National Seminar:
'Design Experience 2009'

8th-9th June 2009 from 9.30am - 5.30 pm
at IDC, IIT Bombay

(Registration Fees: Rs 500/- for students, Rs 1,500 for Ineas members
and Rs 2500/- for Professionals - includes Seminar Kit and Lunch)

The event ' Design Experience 2009' - a national seminar with presentations of design work, mainly as case studies from the industry, by design motivators on critical issues in design.

The seminar is a consolidated effort to showcase the work done by
designers and other professionals related to the field, and hope to
provide an opportunity to get an insight into their different
experiences while designing.

The objective of the seminar is to draw attention to the problems
connected with professional design practice, process and
conceptualization; designer - client interactions, design implementation and its realization into workable solutions.
The seminar is expected to also provide an opportunity to meet and
exchange ideas among fellow designers.

Speakers and Registration:
Click Here.....

Previous Speakers/panelists:
Sanjay Jain, Bajaj Electricals
Kunal Rawat, Grandmother India
Ashok Panwalkar, Philips India
Divya Thakur, Design Temple
Sandeep Bomble, Group of Designers
Prof Dashrath Patel
Prof U A Thavankar, IDC, IIT Bombay
Prahlad Khakkar, Genesis
Sunil Lulla, Times Global Broadcasting
Sudhir Sharma, Elephant Design
Dr. Ajanta Sen, Solar Project
Satish Gokhale, Design Diections
Rabia Gupta, Rabia Gupta Design
Kripa Ananthan, Mahindra and Mahindra
Hari Kumar Nair, Whirlpool Industries
Nachiket Thakur, Forbes Marshall
Phani Titeli, FXLabs Studios, Solaris Pictures
Jeevanand V, Rediff.com
Prof. Nina Sabnani (IDC, IIT Bombay)
rof. Ravi Poovaiah (Head, IDC, IIT Bombay)
Dimant Vyas (Animation Designer)“My Animation Journey”
Abhimanyu Kulkarni (Philips Design)
Dr. Neeraj Raj (MedRC EduTech)
Prof. Suresh Sethi (NTU, Singapore)
Sandeep Ozarde (Leaf design)
Sumit Patel (Leaf design)
Vaibhav Kumeresh (Vaibhav Studios)
Chetan Sharma (Animagic India)
Prashant Maohanchadra (OgilvyOne Digital)
Prof. K. Munshi (IDC, IIT Bombay)
Dinesh Korjan (Studio Korjan)
Pankaj Dhamane (Maruti Suzuki India Ltd)
Anumapama Kamath (Yahoo! India)
navneeth Nair (Google India)
Karthekeya Acharya (Nokia Design Research)
K.B. Jinan (Kumbham Murals)
Rachna Lanewala ( MADISON & rkd retail/IQ)

For attending the seminar, register by sending details of your name, address and telephone numbers:

Design Experience Seminar Co-ordinator
Industrial Design Centre
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay Powai,
Mumbai 400 076, India

For more details click Here.....

Phone:  091-022-2576 7801, 091-022-2576 7802
Fax:      091-022-2576 7803, 091-022-2572 3480

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