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Workshop-Seminar-Conferences at IDC:

IDC regularly conducts seminars, conferences, exhibitions, workshops and specialized programmes on design and related subjects for the industry and other institutions on a continuing basis.

List of selected national and international seminars:
. National Seminar on Design Education 'Ulm and After'
. Seminar on Indian symbology
. Seminar 'Aksharayoga' on calligraphy and typography
. International Conference 'Arthaya' on semantics
. Seminar on Designing for Children
. International Congress on Humanizing Work and Work Environment.
. Seminar on Surface Finishes

List of selected workshops and short term course topics:
. Creativity and Problem Solving
. Product Planning
. Design Methods
. Product Ergonomics
. Publication Design
. Designing for Children
. Design of Signage's
. Interaction Design
. Human Computer Interaction

Click here for the schedule of events by IDC:

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