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7 Day Workshop:
'GIAN Course on Speciality Glazes and Colour Development '

30th January - 5th February 2018
at IDC, IIT Bombay


Registering for the GIAN Course on Speciality Glazes and Colour Development 
The GIAN (Global Initiative of Academic Networks) Course is supported by the MHRD, Government of India. To register for this course you first need to register yourself at:


by paying an one time fee of Rs.500/-
Following this you would need to register for the course at the following link:


GIAN Course on Speciality Glazes and Colour Development 
Course to be conducted by Greg Daly and Sandeep Manchekar at IDC, IIT Bombay

Module A: 30 January -- 3 February, 2018: Glaze Theory and Colour Development
Module B: 4 February -- 5 February, 2018: Lustre Glazes: 

Charges for the Course

Participants from abroad : US $500 (All modules)

Industry/ Research Organizations:
Module A: Rs. 20000/-
Module B: Rs. 10,000/-

 Course Details:

Speciality Glazes and Development of ColourIntroduction: Students will learn the structure of glaze and the development of colour in a variety of glaze types and finishes. The development of the glaze and colour will be through various testing methodologies for example line blend, tri-axial blend, square blend & colour blends. The testing & development program will lead to the student developing their own palette of glazes. Occupational health and safety instruction is an integral part of this course.

Module A: Glaze Theory and Colour Development: 30 January -- 3 February, 2018 
Module B: Lustre Glazes: 4 February -- 5 February, 2018 

This course is organized in two modules that could be taken together or independently. The first module of 5 days on Glaze Theory and Colour Development would be conducted by Greg Daly and the second module of 2 days on Lustre Glazes would be conducted by Sandeep Manchekar.

The course would introduce students to the fundamentals of glaze chemistry. It would build an understanding of methodologies used to create glaze colour-palettes. A hands-on approach is followed for testing and developing glaze compositions. The course would help in developing procedures for line, bi-axial, tri-axial, square and colour blends. Students undertaking the course would be able to develop a confidence in glaze application, testing and analysis.
  • An industrial designer working in glazes and ceramics.
  • A studio potter working with glazed tableware.
  • A ceramic artist or a sculptor interested in glaze applications and speciality glazes.
  • A student or faculty from the ceramics / design department of an academic institution interested in glazes, colour development and speciality glazes.
Course Schedule


Studio-Practice / Tutorials

Day 1
30 January’18

An Introduction to Glaze Chemistry

  • Introduction to materials and glaze composition.
  • OH&S
  • Over view of course and testing tools.
  • What is a glaze?
  • Glaze balance. Silica/Flux= Silica matts, clear & flux matts

Make tests slabs. 8

Extrude test tiles.

Day 2
31 January’18

The theoretical basis of glaze compositions

  • Glaze factors: Composition Materials, Claybody,
  • Firing - Reduction/ Oxidation, time.
  • Kilns, Application
  • Numbering of tests
  • Materials, fluxes

Test Random glazes.

Materials used in random glazes.

Rotation of materials in Random glaze.

Day 3
1 February’18

Creating Line Blends and Triaxial Blends

  • Review random glazes.
  • Testing tools – Line blends/ Triaxial,
  • Square& colour blends.
  • Line blends – different ways for different purposes.
  • Single, double, large bases small additions.

Base glaze: line blend flux & silica into a glaze base.

Day 4
2 February’18

How different metal oxides impart colour

• Colour response from metal oxides in different base glazes

Discuss glazes and their compositions using different metal oxides.

Day 5
3 February’18

Understanding the role of fluxing agents

  • Fluxes – controls colour response from oxides.
  • Review base glaze colour response.
  • Approaches to developing colour pallettes
  • Colour blend designing of and demonstration.
  • Continue with color blend development

Use coloured glaze results substitute different fluxes in to these glazes.

Students to use their base glaze to develop and do a colour blend.

Refine colour blends for out come of glaze finish & colour.

Test – changes to glazes.

Grid test of glazes.

Analysis of Results

Day 6
4 February’18

Lustre Glazes

Speciality glaze/s and colour surface.

• Making of pots / tiles for application

Day 7
5 February’18

Lustre Glazes

  • Review tests – make changes to base glaze and colour.
  • Glaze-on-glaze (thickness)

• Analysis of Results

Academic Institutions:
Faculty from educational institutions): Rs. 10,000/- (All modules)
Students from educational institutions): Rs. 5,000/- (All modules)

The above fee includes all instructional materials, lunch and refreshments for five days.

Participants can send a demand draft payable to
"Registrar, IIT Bombay (CEP Account)" along with online Registered ID to this address:

Professor Raja Mohanty
IDC IIT Bombay, Powai
Mumbai- 400 076
Phone:022 2576 7825


Participants may transfer through NEFT/RTGS the amount to IIT Bombay account and write to: gian2018gregdaly@gmail.com

the amount, the transaction ID, the bank branch name, your name and the date of transfer with online Registered ID. We will send a confirmation soon.

Name of the Payee : Registrar, IIT Bombay, CEP Account
Name of the Bank : State Bank of India
Banker's address : IIT Powai Branch, A.S. Marg, Powai, Mumbai-400 076, India.
Phone : +91-22-25728555
Bank A/c No. : 10725729128
Account Type : CURRENT
MICR Code : 400002034
IFSC / BIC Code : SBIN0001109

Do you need accommodation?
Limited accommodation is available at Powai, near IIT Bombay (Rs 1500 per day per person on twin sharing basis) on a first come first serve basis.

Cancellation Policy:
All cancellation should be made in writing and sent to:

Professor Raja Mohanty
IDC IIT Bombay, Powai
Mumbai- 400 076
Phone:022 2576 7825

Cancellation Request Refund Amount:
Before 30 days of Workshop 2018: 75%
Before 29 to 15 days of Workshop 2018: 50%
Within 14 days of Workshop 2018: No Refund

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