Battula Kalyana Chakravarthy

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Faculty at IDC

Professor, IDC, IIT Bombay

DE 122 - Design Studio II - Problem Analysis
DE 402 - Introduction to Design - Case Studies
DE 205 - Creative Thinking Process and Methods
DE 331 - Design, Technology and Innovation

Specific areas of work:
Teaching, Research and Practice in the following areas:

- New Product Innovation
- Product Styling and Perception, Creativity
- Design Strategy
- Humanising Technology
. Collaborative Innovation Methodology
- Form & Aesthetics
- Creativity & Idea Generation
- Innovation Methodology
- User Centered Design

Selected Projects and Initiatives:

Trolley for Railway mail service

Philatelic Display Frame

Hand Stamp for Post
Post Box for Indian Postal Services
Postman Bag

Police Stick

Multi - Use Innovation Studio

Serial innovations in Petrol pump
Nano-Cardiac Diagnostic kit
Manual stamp cancellation for Post

Clean & Easy to use Gumming Device

User Centred Styling
Nanotechnology based Explosive Detection
Teaching Geography through Game
‘Etherhawk’ 4G video communication
Increasing life of Jaipur foot by innovative screws

Collapsible helmet for comfort and easy storage

Bicycle for Mass Production
Aordable Semi-urban Housing
Improving Grassroot Innovation - Scooter Operated Washing Machine
Polymeric Sensor Probe for Water Testing
Natural Convection Solar Dryer
Collaborative Approach for Innovation




Contact details:

Industrial Design Centre,
Indian Institute of technology,
Powai, Mumbai 400076



B-23, Flat No.: 220, 'Aravali'
Central Area, IITB Campus
Powai, Mumbai 400076


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"the concscious designer: about B.K.Chakravarty Industrial design Innovations"
- The Design Digest

B K Chakravarthy can't look at things around him without getting ideas for making them work better and easier to use.
-The sunday metropolise


Livelihoods in Slums:

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