Prof. B. K Chakravarthy
Research and Projects

Low Cost Vein Tracer for blood extraction

The thought of getting injected is traumatizing to many and when you have to undergo multiple attempts of needle insertions – It’s nightmarish.

This simple light-weight device humanizes a simple technology (NIR Spectroscopy), helping medical practitioners to identify the veins easily, during vein-puncture procedures.

The Convenient and affordable vein tracer helps to locate the vein in the first attempt. Hence, reducing patients’ trauma.  Difficulty in locating the veins —especially in children, darker skinned and obese people—leads to unnecessary multiple needle pricks that cause agony due to injury and time taking process. NIR Spectroscopy is an existing technology which can easily be applied to solve the problem. The LED lights are deflected by the deoxygenated blood —giving a clear silhouette of veins. However for this technology to be actually used by the masses— in blood camps, small and medium sized hospitals—it needs to be extremely easy to use, ergonomic and a low cost product.  All these issues are well addressed by this Vein Tracer.

The USP of the device are as follows:

  • Works on diverse users – obese, dark skinned and geriatrics
  • Affordable product – the device is developed at a cost close to Rs.2000, enabling small hospitals and clinics purchase the device
  • Considers healthcare standards
  • Product usage needs minimal training
  • Device is portable
  • Has healthcare aesthetics.