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Professor, IDC, IIT Bombay

Name Mohan Bhandari
Education Post Grad. Diploma in Industrial Design, National Institute of Design Ahmedabad, India (1969)
1970-71 Worked at the Institut für Umwelt Plannung, Frankfurt, set up by former Professors of HFG, Ulm and at the Lehrstuhl und Institut für Industrielle Formgebung at the Technische Universitat, Hannover, Germany
1971-83 Faculty at the NID, Ahmedabad

Professional work: Product Design, Environmental Design, Craft Design, Furniture Design, exhibition Design etc.

Project Head of the Environmental Design project that dealt with the Development of the Buddhist pilgrimage places Sravasti (Buddha's Place of Retreat) and Kushinagar (Buddha's place of Mahaparinirvana) in Northern UP, India. And being multidisciplinary in nature, the project encompassed the areas of Landscape design, Architecture, Interiors, design of the Furniture and Fabrics, Signage design and Passive Climate Control Systems.

Courses taught: Elements of Form/Space, Environmental Education and Awareness, Design Methodology, Form Studies(Elementary/advanced)

Conceived, developed and coordinated the indigenously evolved Foundation Progamme at the NID (1975-1983), by now recognised as the significant turning point In the history of design education at the NID.

1983-84 Professor at the Institute of Environmental Design Baroda/Vallab Vidhya Nagar, Gujarat

Developed a philosophy/Concept for ‘An Institute of Environmental Design’

Professor at IDC, IITB, Mumbai

Professional work: Industrial Design projects in the areas of
Telephone Instruments
Textile Machinary
Energy Metering etc.

Visiting faculty: NID, Ahmedabad; NIFT, Delhi; NIFT, Mumbai; Srishti Design School Bangalore

Areas of
Oriental Aesthetics, Deconstruction, Cultural Semiotics, Fashion Theory, Film Theory, Creative Institution Building/Curriculum Development, Communication among Blind, Deaf and Dumb




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