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Visual Communication Course Content:
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DE 613 Visual Language Syntactics  
DE 615 Studies in Typography  
DE 617 Introduction to Advanced Photography  
DE 619 The Speaking Image  
DE 621 Media Technology  
DE 623 Visual Design  
DE 625 Introduction to Filmmaking  
DE 627 Indian thought and tradition  
DE 651 Sketching & Anatomy 1  
DE 614 Design Workshop  
DE 616 Introduction to user studies  
DE 618 Semantics and communication theory  
DE 612 Design Issues  
DEP 602 Communication Design Project  
DE 701 Visual Ergonomics and Human Perception  
DE 703 Arts design and society 1  
DE 707 Design Research Methodologies  
DEP 701 M.Des Project 1(Mid May-Mid June)  
DEP 703

M.Des  Project 2 (July – Nov)

DE 702 Arts Design and Society 2*  
DEP 706 Design research seminar  
DEP 702 M.Des Project 3(From Dec- May)(Stage 1 & 2)  




#DE 613 Visual Language Syntactics
Relationship between syntactic, semantics and pragmatics. Viewpoints, point of reference and framing. Relationship of colour, form and meaning. Explorations in visual abstraction. Study of Visual Language ?? critical study of visual elements, features and principles. Exploration and creation of complex and meta patterns. Analysis of Aesthetics- the structure of Appearance. Form in nature, Exploration of visual images with analogies from nature.
Text/ References:
• Gail Greet Hannah, Elements of Design, Princeton Architectural Press, 1 July 2002
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• Livio, Mario; The Golden Ratio: The Story of PHI, the World302222s Most AstonishingNumber, Publisher: Broadway Books; Reprint edition (September 23, 2003)

# DE 615 Studies in Typography
Study of Typography. Study of Indian Language scripots. History, Classification, Anatomy and usage of various letterforms. Theoretical and applicable principles of communicating with letterforms. Multi lingual Typography. Expressive Typography. Compositions with type. Calligraphic Experiments in Indian Language scripts. Exploration of three dimensional features of letter forms. Typography in different contexts like Books, Mailers, New media, Posters, Signages, Motion graphics etc. Study of grids and layouts.
• Naik, Bapurao.S; Typography of Devanagari. Directorate of Languages,. 1971.
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• Muller-Brockmann, Josef; Grid systems in graphic design. Niggli Verlag; 6th edition(1 January 1999)

DE 617 Introduction to Advanced Photography
Lens, Focal Length, Exposure (Shutterspeed, Aperture, ISO), Depth of Field, Histogram, Picture Styles, RAW image, Digital Imaging, Sensor, Crop Factor, Light Metering (Incident, Reflected), Photographic Documentation, Studio Lighting, Flash Photography, Tabletop photography, Master Photographers, Relevance of Zone Systems in Digital Photography.
• Andrews, Philip & Langford, Michael, Langford`s Starting Photography: The Guide toCreating Great Images, Focal Press; 6 edition (24 October 2008)
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• Frye, Michael, Digital Landscape Photography: In the Footsteps of Ansel Adams, FocalPress (January 20, 2010)

# DE 619 The Speaking Image

Keyframes from the history of visual art Keyframes from the history of literature The past, the present and the future of the image The illustrated text The illuminated image
Texts / References
• Subhramanyan K.G., The Magic of Making, Seagull, 2007
• Marcus Leonard, The Art of Reading, Penguin Penguin Group USA, 2005/08/18
• Ranciere Jacques, The Future of the Image, Verso; Reprint edition (2 February 2009)
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• Barnet Sylvan, Cain William, A Short Guide to Writing about Literature, Longman; 12 edition(July 8, 2011)
• Bowles John, Painted Songs and Stories, Indian National Trust (January 28, 2011)

# DE 621 Media Technology

Introduction to various digital technologies used in communication design Designing for internet and communication devices, its limitations and possibilities Pixel perfect design, use and importance of digital artifacts Designing for print media Constraints and possibilities in modern printing process Study of production methods of books, new papers, magazines etc. Study of packaging using different materials. Handling print projects through digital media. Digital format image manipulation, Colour correction, font management, colour proofing etc.
Texts / References:
• Lule, Jack, Understanding Media and Culture: An Introduction to Mass Communication, Flat World Knowledge, 1 March, 2.Lister, Martin, Dovey, Jon, Kelly, Kieran, Grant, Iain, Giddings, Seth, New Media: A Critical Introduction, Routledge; 2 edition (January 28, 2009)
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# DE 623 Visual Design

The focus of this course will be acquire an ability to identify a visual design problem. Understand the factors that directly or indirectly influence the visual design problem. Design methodology ??Study in the phases of process from analysis through synthesis an evaluation. To be able to develop a program for investigation of problem. To be able to think from the audience point of view and to construct communicable messages for the audience through various media.
• Ian Noble Russell Bestley; Visual Research, AVA Publishing; 2nd edition (November 1,2011)
• H Kumar Vyas; Design - The Indian context, National Institute of Design (2000)
• Helen Armsstrong; Graphic Design Theory - Reading from the field, PrincetonArchitectural Press; 1 edition (March 11, 2009)
• Ellen Lupton; Graphic design thinking : Beyond Brainstorming, Princeton ArchitecturalPress, (27 July 2011)
• Karl Gerstner; Designing Programmes; Lars M303274ller Publishers; 3rd, rev. and enlarged ed. edition (November 14, 2007)
• Ken Garland; A word in your eye, University of Reading,Department of Typography & Graphic Communication (1 November 1996)

# DE 625 Introduction to Filmmaking
Pre-production, Developing Story, Script Writing, Story Board, Production, Camera, Shooting Strategies, Camera Movements, Steadicam, Sound Recording, Post Production, Editing, Sound Design, Color Correction, Transcoding, Film Theory, History, Regional Movies.
• Ascher, Steven & Pincus, Edward, The Filmmaker`s Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide for the Digital Age, Plume; 4 Rev Upd edition (27 Nov. 2)
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# DE 627 Indian Thought and Tradition
Visual Art ?? Traditional and contemporary schools of Indian Art, folk art Oral Traditions from the ancient to the present Music ?? Classical (Hindustani & Carnatic), Semi-classical, Folk, Fusion Dance ?? Classical, Folk, Contemporary Theatre ?? Traditional (Natashastra), Contemporary, Puppet Theatre Science ?? An understanding of the scientific approach to everything and the holistic approach to it and how it influenced all aspects like health, architecture, management and even the arts. Post independence understanding of India as a nation and bridging the wealth of the past with the potential of the future. Reflection of this exposure to the question ?? What is or what can be called ??Indian?? Design
• Iyer Bharatha K., Indian Art-a Short Introduction, Stosius Inc/Advent Books Division; Reprint edition (1 December 1983)
• Gandhi Indira, Eternal India, Allen & Unwin (1 August 1980)
• Boner, Sharma Baumer; Vastusutra Upanishad, Motilal Banarsidass Publishers; 3rd Revised edition edition (2000)

# DE 651 Sketching and Anatomy-1
To become fluent with capturing the human and animal formProportions, structure, volume and shading techniques
• John.V.Vanderpoel, The Human Figure, Dover Publications; 2nd edition (24 April 2)
• George.B.Bridgman, Bridgman302222s Life, Drawing Dover Publications Inc.; New edition edition (5 June 1972)
• Betty Edwards, The New, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, HarperCollins; New edition edition (5 November 2001)
• Betty Edwards, The New, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, Souvenir Press Ltd (30April 2003)
• Stephen Missal, Exploring Drawing for Animation (Design Exploration Series), (Paperback) Delmar Cengage Learning (31 Oct. 2003)

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