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Programs at IDC

Industrial Design Centre offers Master of Design degree (M.Des) programmes in Industrial Design, Visual Communication, Animation and Interaction Design as well as a Ph.D. programme in Design.

The programme is meant to develop skills, knowledge and aptitude among students to become creative problem solvers who can bring about innovation in the manufacturing and communication industry.

The courses for M.Des commence with developing in the students the perceptual abilities, skills and techniques, social and general awareness and then lead on to a series of projects characteristics of the problems of a country like India and pertaining to the industry, government, private institution and other organizations.

The programmes and courses offered at the Institute have the flexibility to evolve and change, and to respond to new challenges. Courses are continuously updated and new courses, especially electives, introduced in response to recent developments.

The Course Structure
In general, the first two semesters in the first year consist of theory courses and learning/instruction oriented projects, while the second year is more or less spent on design projects.

Depending on their interests the students can choose elective courses in the 2nd and 3rd semester. Students can choose to specialize in the following areas: Studies in Form, Product Detailing, Product Visualization, Advanced Ergonomics, Exhibition Design, Typography, Video, Photography, Animation, Multimedia, Information Design, Computer Graphics and Illustration.

The project orientation is fully reflected in the course structure. The projects in product design, visual design, animation and interaction design are introduced right from the 1st semester.

In the second year the students undertake three application oriented projects of varying duration and complexities. They also have to do a special project oriented towards design research.

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