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Mobility Design 1 | MD 611
Prof. Nishant Sharma

A 4 week module, guided by Professor Nishant Sharma. The main task here was filled with surveys on people and entry-level A segment vehicles. Students were divided into groups of two and were tasked to carry out the surveys, followed by presentation on their study and understanding and finally panel presentation where a detailed interior concept generation and final concept was generated by each students individually.



Mobility Design II | MD 614
Prof. Peer M Sathikh, Prof. Nishant Sharma

This program started with a one-week workshop in which students were tasked with designing an Electric-Powered Taxi System for suburban Mumbai. The workshop was guided by Prof. Peer Sathikh, visiting faculty from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.



CAID Modelling for Automotive Design | MD 615
Prof. Nishant Sharma

A 3 week module, guided by Professor Nishant Sharma along with Industry specialist Vivek from Mahindra Ltd. Students were given brief classes on how to make optimum use of the tools and techniques of Autodesk Alias software to understand CAID automotive design. Classes were followed by Alias wire form of the Segway designs of individual students.

This exercise made use of the concept of developing a form based on a metaphor. The objective was to develop a new form for a micro-personal mobility vehicle based on the Segway.



History of Transportation and Automobile Design | MD 616
Prof. K Ramachandran

With a brief description about how automobiles came into existence, this module was guided by late Professor K. Ramachandran. This module was tasked with 3 assignments, one in which students were tasked to pick one retro vehicle and explain how it evolved from its original vintage/classic version. 2nd was to document on famous designers and inventors such Georgetto Giugiaro, Henry Ford, Ferdinand Porsche etc. And the final task was to make a retro scale model of the studentsí own choice.



Studies in 3D Form | MD 618
Prof. Nishant Sharma, Prof. Lance Rake

A module on advanced forms study, under the guidance of Professor Nishant Sharma and visiting faculty Professor Lance Rake, a veteran Industrial designer from University of Kansas, United States. There were two tasks given in this module, one was to design and model a clay structure of a form of our own choice which depicts speed in its nature.



Advanced CAID Modeling for Automotive Design | MD 620
Prof. Nishant Sharma

An elective course of duration 3 weeks for the Junior Mobility & Vehicle Design students in IDC. This course is led by Professor Nishant Sharma and a visiting faculty Vivek from Mahindra Ltd. The students here are given industry standard lectures and live on-screen demonstration on how the Alias works to get the best understanding. At the end of the module, students are tasked to complete one full wire form with rendered panels on any vehicle they choose from.



Vehicle Design Process | MD 622
Prof. B. Bhaumik

The module was intensive wit a detailed survey related work where students travelles in various locations inside the Mumbai city. The course was led by IDC visiting faculty and industrial specialist Professor B. Bhaumik. The main task here was to give a new front end job to popular vehicles based on the study of the survey conducted.



Forms Space and Order | MD 649
Prof. Nishant Sharma

A 3-week module on study of forms, spacing and order, under the guidance of Prof. Nishant Sharma. This module was packed with number of assignments ranging from wire forms to a form design for a Segway.






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