Mobility and Vehicle Design
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Mobility and Vehicle Design

Mobility and Vehicle Design is an exciting field to move into: developing design-solutions for personal and mass transport. Here, focusing on India’s vast untapped markets, unique aspirations and constraints—you learn to think in trailblazing new ways. Actively seeking opportunities and innovatively redefining problems, you prepare to meet the Industry’s many challenges— new markets, new technologies, resource crunches and issues of environmental sustainability. You learn to define a new generation of vehicles; you drive them forward.

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You zoom in from breakthrough concepts to the tiniest details. Learning to research, ideate and collaborate, finish and detail. Mastering form and aesthetics, you sensitively delve into mindscapes, creating designs with strong emotional response. You fine tune ergonomics and reconstruct spaces with a focus on peoples comfort and safety. You keep pace with trends- Indian and international. Being part of IIT, you keep yourself on the cutting edge of technology. You learn to innovate for utility, space, comfort, safety and style.