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Animation Design

Our animation design graduates are visual storytellers: expressionists of thoughts, ideas and emotions—their own and others’— using sound, light and movement.

In this intensive programme, you learn animation or filmmaking as two ways to tell these stories. You freely explore different media, ideas, styles, roles and methods—discovering your own singular styles. Often centering on India, you uncover unspoken voices and realize resourceful ways of meeting especial requirements.

The animation industry has vast potential. Our students develop the broad based knowledge and skills to lead. And move it in new directions.

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Our animation design students move constantly between images, reels, media, roles, cultures and people.

Here, you learn by experiencing hands-on every step of the process from ideation to completion.  As a part of IIT, you get cutting edge IT exposure. And discover through constant experimentation, guided explorations, heated discussions and dynamic collaborations.