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Industrial Design

Our Industrial Design Graduates are Creative Problem Solvers who connect aesthetics, ergonomics, technology and economics to forge distinctive solutions.

Here, you proactively seek opportunities to help people through products. You may delve into unexplored arenas—calamitous situations or resource starved conditions; chronically ignored lives, overlooked geographies, handcrafted legacies or simple daily routines. Learning to examine context and anticipate needs, you generate multiple ideas, and  detail out concrete solutions—Solutions that are products. Products  that collaborate with people: And make a real difference to their lives

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Our Industrial Design Program is structured around live interactions with people, industries, institutions and social organisations creating focus on situations that are very real. There is intense research, observations, discussions, thinking and project planning. There is ideating and creating. You will get your hands dirty, build prototypes and make presentations. And become equally proficient at handling technically complex, heavily engineered solutions as intricate handcrafted ones.