Bachelor Of Design
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Bachelor Of Design

The BDes, our undergraduate programme, will immerse you in the world of design for the next four years.

You gain fluency in the language of images and form; skill at expressing ideas visually and physically; detailing and creating. Above all, you establish a firm foundation in design thinking: researching perceptively, ideating profusely, examining systems, forming new insights and solving problems creatively.

You develop sensitivity towards social issues and the zeal to be a change maker— a sculptor of tomorrow’s creative economy.


In the Bdes programme, our faculty—experienced and specialized in different areas of design lead you through discovery and exploration.

As a part of IIT, you get to collaborate with future technologists and emergent technologies. Selected students may continue to complete their Masters Program under the dual degree scheme within 4+1 years, while others may start their careers in design or use this degree as a foundation for civil services, management or further studies in related fields.