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Our History
In the late sixties, Industrial Design was just emerging as a profession in India. In 1969, The Industrial Design Centre was set up at IIT— Bombay . The Postgraduate Programme in Industrial design (Product design) was started. And our first class commenced on 1 Jan 1970.
IDC's Tryst with Destiny begins
Driven by the need to solve problems around us: graduate engineers and architects were trained to give creative, aesthetic inputs to the Industry. Influence of Ulm was evident in the education programme. This philosophy led to sensible designs with clean, uncomplicated lines, concentrating on only what was 'absolutely necessary'. Early student designs tried to answer the "real" needs of "real" people. 
Taxi meter by K.C Mahapatra
Shoe shine stand by Suhas Kakade
Ticket dispenser by V. R Ramasubban
Milk and mail system by Achutta Rao
Autorickshaw by J. Arvind
Lunch Box by J.K Bhansal