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Animation Studio:
The "Animation Studio" has these goals and objectives:
1. To draw upon our rich resource of indigenous images and narratives for socially and culturally relevant animation.
2. To equip animation designers to develop content at pre production stage which has a sensibility and style that inhabits a space and time that is contextually relevant.
3. To be shaping an industry that has a huge potential in gaming and animation.
4. To equip animation makers with skill levels at par with international standards.
5. To allow for experimentation and explorations using diverse medias, techniques and tools.

Chathiyan Chandu animated folk tale from Kerala Animated story about Gautam on growing up
At IDC, access to cutting edge IT capabilities and the proximity to other engineering disciplines will facilitate cross disciplinary and collaborative projects, also new areas for animation applications can be explored and experimented with. Students will have the opportunity to do full scale individual projects as well as research oriented projects.

Animation today sees applications in many areas including films, special effects, gaming, educational material, illustrating medical processes, simulation, virtual reality, mobile devices, information graphics, web graphics, advertising, information films, TV graphics etc.

Character drawings for Ekolyo - Animated short story from Goa Anger - an animated short
The animation studio at IDC is equipped with software and hardware to do complete (pre to post production) animation projects. The software includes Animo for 2D production work, Maya for 3D projects and Nuendo for sound recording, processing and editing. The sound recording equipment includes mini disc recorders, mics, mixer and monitors. The studio also has A3 scanner, individual workstations and a line tester apart from light boxes and a studio punch. Many Apple G5's are available for editing. The studio will grow in keeping with industry standards.

For additional information, Write to
Prof Shilpa Ranade
Studio-Project Co-ordinator
at shilpa@iitb.ac.in  

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