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IDC invites applications for New Faculty Positions


Requrement for applying for faculty position at IDC:

Download Criteria document here (PDF file)

Invitation for Faculty Positions:
The Industrial Design Centre (IDC) at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT Bombay) invites applications for faculty positions at the level of Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Full Professor (with specialisations in areas connected to design).

Master's Degree/Ph. D with good professional and academic record

The department offers an excellent academic environment with programs at the master's level in the areas of Product Design, Visual Communication, Animation, Interaction Design and Mobility & Vehicle Design. The Doctoral level program has established IDC's commitment to research. A Bachelors level program (B. Des) is scheduled to begin in the year 2015. We welcome candidates with a passion to experiment and push boundaries and develop new thinking in design education.

The department has several focus areas for research with access to funded research projects from the Institute, Industry and the Government. We particularly welcome candidates who would take initiatives to pursue their area of interest and thrive in a collaborative environment in which projects involve several interdisciplinary research groups.

  • The opportunity to join existing labs and centers with established research programs
  • The opportunity to build your own infrastructure and associated research program as new labs or studios
  • A seed grant (10 to 20 lakhs) given to all new faculty, to jump-start their research
  • Funding for travel to international conferences
  • Government agencies invite proposals all year round, and are generally keen to grant funding in various thrust areas
  • Several corporate houses continue to fund large projects and invite proposals for new areas at IIT Bombay

Consultancy, Workshops and Seminars:
The department/institute encourages its faculty to work on projects from the industry, organisations and institutions. Faculty members can be a consultant by offering expert services to clients. IIT Bombay's IRCC (Industrial Research and Consultancy Centre) facilitates this activity.

Under the Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at IIT Bombay, faculty members can initiate and be part of a start-up company.

The faculty members are also encouraged to conduct short term courses, workshops and seminars for the people from the Industry and other Institutions.These allow faculty members to earn additional personal income in addition to their salary.

For those who have not been to IITB, the Institute has a great location for an academic environment nestled between Powai and Vihar lakes along with scenic hills adjoining the campus. The Institute is located on a 220 hectares green campus in the north eastern suburbs of Mumbai, an hour's distance from the city, well connected by buses and local trains.

Facilities on Campus:
Living on the IIT Bombay campus offers an absolutely unbeatable combination of opportunities - that of living in a city that is the financial, business, and entertainment hub of India, while still enjoying the peace and quiet of a lush green campus nestled between a lake and rolling hills. The campus has all amenities needed for a high quality of living - green, tree-filled and pollution-free surroundings, children's park, swimming pool and tennis courts including two banks, a shopping centre, two excellent schools for children, a well equipped hospital and on-campus day-care centre. All students and most faculty live on campus. The peaceful atmosphere of the campus belies the full range of activities that complement academic life. Faculty enjoy several personal benefits, for e.g.-

  • On-campus housing and free high-speed LAN connection at home
  • Admission of their children to the on-campus Shishuvihar, Kendriya Vidyalaya (Central School) and Campus School
  • On-campus free medical care

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